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Postby CheapAlert » 08 Dec 2004 21:40

I first played Strife when Happy-puppy just got the Strife teaser up for download (released around Feb 1996), I had a fun lan deathmatch with respawning Acolytes on. LOVE that flamethrower :P

Later on that year (after having finished both Quake and Duke3D), I went to CompUSA and picked it up for a cheap $28 (eep). The full ver felt weird at first because I wasn't expecting a Leonard Nimoy-ish to talk to around the beginning, and most of the voices sound different than the teaser, but I got used to that, loved it till I got stuck in the sewers back then :( I did eventually complete the game though.

Another interesting note, Strife seems to be the first FPS to ever use the F-expletive vocally, though.
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