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What Vavoom *needs*

Postby zZaRDoZz » 26 Apr 2014 13:40

If wishes were nickles, right?

Please pardon my baseless, shameless TC trolling. The Vavoom forum is eaten up with phony accounts and I need to retreat to the theater of the mind for a little break.

6-8 maps: darkened, hard scifi in nature. Complex with an avp feel. No magic.

Enemies/combat: Former humans infected by a nanobot plague of unknown origin. Will retreat if injured badly. Can strafe during combat. All base ai is controlled by what ever controls the humans so all droid/robots act hostile. Combat should lean towards the difficult end of the spectrum.
player should depend on NPCs (not enough ammo to clear maps)

Weapons: bullet based and everything is full auto. Some emp weapons (mortar, granade) for area effect. lasers/railguns, TeamFortress sentry gun important.

Heavy use of models, hi res sprites allowed. Textures: some of the quake2, quake1 industrial emulated textures for cube. HD Base textures from Freedoom .
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