Unholy Heritage

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Re: Unholy Heritage

Postby Firebrand » 21 Apr 2008 12:24

Use the "common_hack" KRPG feature then, heh! ;)
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Re: Unholy Heritage

Postby Crimson Wizard » 21 Apr 2008 13:31

Firebrand wrote:Use the "common_hack" KRPG feature then, heh! ;)

what? why? there's no need in that. What I mean - monster simply teleports over time similar to Korax.
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Re: Unholy Heritage

Postby BlackJar72 » 25 Oct 2008 23:49

Crimson Wizard wrote:
Firebrand wrote:Why not just release it as a new map? You could use DECORATE to make your new monsters, that would make it easier to run through newer versions :), just an opinion here.

Unfortunately one monster there uses custom teleportation movement, I am not sure DECORATE will be enouph to make him.

If you want to borrow any part of my blink imp code, or borrow any ideas from it, feel free: :)

Code: Select all
final void A_BlinkOut()
   bTeleport = true;
   bSolid = false;
   bShootable = false;
   bActivateMCross = false;
   bActivatePushWall = false;
   bDropOff = true;
   bInvulnerable = true;
   bNonShootable = true;
   bAvoidingDropoff = false;
   bColideWithThings = false;
   bHidden = true;
   MaxStepHeight = 1000.0;
   StepSpeed = itof((P_Random() % 33) + 32);

final void A_BlinkIn()
   bTeleport = false;
   bSolid = true;
   bShootable = true;
   bActivateMCross = true;
   bActivatePushWall = true;
   bDropOff = false;
   bInvulnerable = false;
   bNonShootable = false;
   bColideWithThings = true;
   bHidden = false;
   MaxStepHeight = 24.0;
   StepSpeed = 8.0;


Code: Select all
   TROO A 0 A_BlinkOut
   TROO A 0 A_BlinkIn
   Goto See

...with special attack and FaceTarget functions (starting with calls to A_BlinkIn of course) to make sure it can't attack without returning to its normal state. Of course, that is to create a fairly random seeming teleport to make things unpredictable, and may not be at all what you want. :?
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