Wicked Doom: Fairly Simple Mod (basically done)

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Wicked Doom: Fairly Simple Mod (basically done)

Postby BlackJar72 » 25 Oct 2008 16:37

I have completed this mod. It's very simple in that it does not include any maps and practically no new graphics. Basically, it was designed to be used with id's original wads, and makes doom harder and more interesting:


The background: This was based on a DeHackEd project I did with in the '90's, in which it tried to simply give monsters powers that made since to me based on their names, looks, etc. (I split the difference on "former humans" as to whether they are zombies or possessed. It is a re-thinking, doing things for real with VavoomC that I could not do or could only simulate the look of with DeHackEd. Playing on it feels like about two difficulty levels higher ("hurt me plenty" is probably a little easier than original "nightmare"). I have beaten episodes 1-3 three on "hurt me plenty," though ultra-violence is practically unplayable (I can almost make it through e1m1, running for my life, but not quite). It also forces players to think a little about how eliminate or get past some mosters.

Caveats: There are a few caveats in this.
  • I've had trouble getting my progs to work with new versions of Vavoom, thus version 2.5 is need for this. So far, I just replace the doom progs in a extra installation because none of the instruction for custom game seem to work when I use them (niether mine or anyone else, and the batch file some people include with there mods don't work for me either).
  • Barrons of Hell will very rarely crash the game, though I've only seen this twice.
  • This was designed for use with, and tested with, the original id wad -- wad design that differs a lot from that of id could through of ballance to become unplayable -- slige leves are notably unplayable.
  • I'm not sure how hard it would be on an unfamilliar level. To really test that I would need a third party wad containing a full episode that is faithful to the style of id and of similar difficulty.
  • It does introduce one Doom II monster into original doom.
  • It does introduce one episode 2 monster and one episode 2 item into episode one.
  • It does steal one monster graphic and one other special effect from Heretic. I thought of taking the flying imps and whirlwinds back out, or just keeping it all too myself -- but since several bigger projects seem to be doing things like mixing Doom and Hexen graphics into thrid-party games, I went ahead and included it.
  • In the original code ( I have not changed any of the headings, because the code is mostly from Janis, but some deffinitely not, and I'm not sure how to word it.

For those who want to try this, be surprised, and try to figure it out for youself. Otherwise, more details on specifics can be found bellow.


The Changes (or a Spoiler):

The monsters are as followes:
  • Former Human: Now possessed, lost souls emerge from them when killed.
  • Shotgun Guy: Now based on the way I imagined zombies when I was a kid. (No vital organ / can't be killed per se.) An ordinary death lasts about 6 seconds before they rise again. Blowing to pieces or crushing them skills them permenantly.
  • Phantom: Not really a real monster, more of a moving decoration. Originally "atmosphere" but really a kind of decoy and source of confusion. They look just like shotgun zombies but are intangible and can niether be harmed nor harm you in any way.
  • Chaingunner: Alive, commando, follow demons -- faster to move and react (but normal firing rate) -- also replaces chaingun on map. (Note: Those that replace guns look like basic former humans unless 3D models are used.)
  • Imp: Standard Doom imp, no changes.
  • Blink Imp: Tougher than a normal imp and teleports. Replaces med kit on map, and drops a healing potion (stim pack). I've thought of adding teleport fog, but so far have not (because their telepost seems to be different in some way, and because I like the way they just pop in and out of reality.
  • Heretic Imp: Just what it says, though they are also wandering monsters, and never stop moving, even while attacking. replaces health bonuses and drops then as well.
  • Demon: Also unchanged.
  • Spectre: Now flies, charges like a lost soul, and is a "ghost" immune to bullets; they can be harmed by energy weapons or explosions (or other monsters).
  • Cacodemon: Now strafes and uses rapid fire (though for only 2-5 shots at a time).
  • Lost Soul: Unchanged.
  • Barron of Hell: Regenerates one Health per frame, explodes when killed, can through whirlwind.

[*] Big spider, cryberdemon, and Doom II monsters are all unchanged.

Also, stimpacks are now "healing potions" and can be distiguished from health bonuses by glowing, and restore 15 hit points. Health bonuses now give two hit points up to a maximum of 200. The blur sphere now lasts slighly longer and gives immunity to bullets, fists, chainsaws, rocked strikes (but not explosions), and whirlwinds. Other items are unchanged, though more ammo is given (to fit the increased moster population), and some weapons are switched around to be sure you have a plasma rifle before meeting a spectre.
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Re: Wicked Doom: Fairly Simple Mod (basically done)

Postby guydudeperson » 25 Oct 2008 17:23

Sounds really fucking krazy :shock:
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Re: Wicked Doom: Fairly Simple Mod (basically done)

Postby BlackJar72 » 05 Jul 2009 00:31

OK, I have a complete version, with new levels here:


It is designed to replace the basepak in the basev/doom2 directory, and requires Vavoom 1.25 (not newer!) and an official a working Doom II iWad.

Yes, I did use Oblige in making this (so I can play test it on levels I didn't design and don't know), but also used other software to modify the levels and combile levels from different difficulties.

I hope someday I can remake this for a newer version of Vavoom.


P.S. I wish I had good, free flying imp (traditional) sprite to replace the ones I took from Heretic.
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