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If you want to check the latest BETA version for testing purposes, you can download the latest SVN version of Vavoom which is hosted by DRD Team.

Binaries (Stable Release)

Vavoom 1.33 for Windows

High-resolution textures

Doom textures (provided by the DHTP project lead by KuriKai)
Heretic textures
Hexen textures
Strife textures

Enhanced soundtrack

Sycraft's soundtracks, repackaged for Vavoom.
Doom/Ultimate Doom soundtrack
Doom 2: Hell on Earth soundtrack
Doom 2: TNT Evilution soundtrack (requires Doom2: Hell on Earth soundtrack)
Doom 2: The Plutonia Experiment soundtrack (requires Doom and Doom2: Hell on Earth soundtrack)
Heretic soundtrack
Hexen soundtrack